Interim Photos

  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what images will best communicate your trip to those who were not there with you (and also remind you of your Interim for years to come)?

Please submit for your trip 12-20 photos including:
                                          1 group photo

o Action/Candid shots (sports, hiking, swimming, etc.)

o Interactions with kids/animals/locals

o Landmarks

o Service work

We are also doing a feature on (1) interesting means of transportation, (2) cool souvenirs and (3) most interesting meal and we would really appreciate pictures of any of these.

    Please submit only full size, original digital photos - no Facebook photos. 

     Photos can be submitted directly to us at   When prompted for a password, enter: yearbook


    After successfully entering the password, you will be directed to the upload your photo to the page. Just hit Choose File and select your picture. Please make sure that you have labeled your photo beforehand (see specifics below)

    Hit the upload button and your photos will be submitted! If we have not received your photos by the due date (March 8), we will contact you. Otherwise, please assume your photo was received

IMPORTANT: Label the photo with trip name, photographer name, and brief description of the photo (Example of photo name: Kenya_John Smith_Keith Harin feeds an elephant at Vietnamese Elephant Reserve– you do not need to do this for the group photo

DUE: Friday, March 9

     If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to contact us. 

     Thank you for your cooperation, 

Interim Editors
Olivia Whittaker
Anika Murarka
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