Grad Ads

Due: NOVEMBER 9th, 2016

Order your grad ads here!

Congratulate your Senior by placing a Grad Ad in the yearbook! You choose the message and the photo, and we'll include it in the bound memories of your child's final year at SAS. The highly anticipated ads in the year's most highly anticipated publication are often the first pages students examine when they open the Islander. Join in this proud tradition by submitting your ad and payment via this webpage.
Size: 1/6 page size
80-word message
Cost: Now S$100 per ad!
Sample Grad Ad Layout

            (Note that typeface and layout style differ slightly each year)    

After you've submitted your payment, text and photo as noted on the right, we will include your message in the yearbook layout, and will contact you again only if there is a question or missing piece. Starting mid-February, we will send an ad proof to confirm text and photo placement.  We ask for your cooperation in correcting and returning that proof promptly to ensure an on-time yearbook delivery. We will do our best to issue ad proofs and answer questions in a timely manner. Please understand that Islander is a student-run publication, maneged during limited student free time. We have no set office hours. The best way to communicate with us is via our email address:

If you have any additional questions please contact us via the email addresses below.

Thank you for supporting the Islander through your Grad Ad, and congratulations for being the parent of a senior!

Sasha Wodtke, Diya Vuthandam, Hayden Reeves

Grad Ad Submission
It's Simple!
1. Pay through PayPal
2. Fill out the order form
3. Submit your picture

1. Payment - via Paypal site (click below)
  • Please submit payment before submitting the Grad Ad form. Payment receipt number is required on the Grad Ad form to verify your payment
  • You do not need a PayPal account to use our system. Paypal also accepts credit cards and bank transfers. 
  • The Islander will have a record of your ad and photo, and the SAS Business Office will receive a record of your payment via PayPal
  • We only accept payment via PayPal. We are no longer accepting cash or checks, due to the new central office payment system. And, considering we are a student publication without full office hours, this is the best way to ensure that your ad and payment are on record.
  • Due to system constraints, each ad requires a separate payment. We apologize for this inconvenience! 
2. Text Submission - via Grad Ad order form 
(click below)
  • For maximum use of word count, please type text in paragraph format. Lists, poetry and other line-specific text can be submitted, but may result in a reduced word allowance.
  • We recommend that you first type your message in a word processing application to ensure correct spelling and word count before cutting/pasting text into our form.
  • Should your message exceed the 80-word limit, we may need to have you edit out text to fit the space in the proof stage.
3. Photo Submission - via Grad Ad order form
  • You will be prompted to submit your photo while filling out the text submission form
  • You need to submit the photo via our dropbox link. When on the page you will be promped to enter a password. The password is yearbook.
  • We accept digital photos only. If you photo is a hard-copy print, do not take a picture of the photo. Please scan your image in high resolution before submission.
  • Save photos as GA_LastName, FirstName. If you do not provide the student's name with the photo, we have no way of knowing whose photo it is.
  • If submitting multiple ads, please provide a number at the end of the photo filename (ex. GA_Vuthandam, Diya1, GA_Vuthandam, Diya2...)