Frequently Asked Questions...


Do we need to hire a professional photographer to take our senior's portrait?
We do not require professional portraits. You may choose to hire a professional or may submit an informal family snapshot as the senior portrait (or anything in between). The choice is entirely yours. We require only that the photo is of printable quality (1 MB, 300 dpi or higher quality) and is appropriate in content (no obscene gestures, revealing clothing, etc)

Can you suggest any photographers who have worked with SAS students in the past?
For your convenience, we've provided a list of Singapore-based photographers, who have had experience working with SAS students, at the following link PHOTOGRAPHER LIST. Visit individual websites for booking and cost details. The list is not exhaustive, and is not an endorsement by Islander or by SAS.  Use of a professional photographer is not required. 

Why are we limited to vertical photos?
We need to fit in hundreds of seniors into the section while still allowing coverage for the rest of the high school. The vertical format allows for maximum efficiency of layout and is the most popular format for portraits. If you submit a horizontal photograph, we will crop it into a vertical format.

How do I label my senior portrait?
Save the photo under the filename SP_lastname, firstname. If you do not change the filename, it will be difficult to find your photo in our system.

What password do I enter when uploading a photo via dropittome?
The password is: yearbook

Will I be able to check my ad before it is printed?
After the ad pages have been assembled, we will email you with a proof of your ads (starting mid-February). You will be able to double check for any spacing/placement/wording you wish to change. In between, we will contact you only if we have any questions about your ad. You may contact us with any questions via email at - just keep in mind that we are full-time students who do not keep daily office hours, so it may take a few days to reply.

Are ads of any other sizes available for purchase (half-page, full-page)?
All Parent Ads are 1/6th of a page. It is possible to purchase more than one ad for your student, however they cannot be combined into one large ad. The ads are designed in a uniform format to avoid highlighting any one senior more than another, and also to allow easier layout for the yearbook students. The easier the process, the less likely the error - and the more the yearbook staff can focus on covering the events of the year for all high school students.

Is it possible to include more than one photo per ad?
Each ad allows for one photo only. If you wish to include more than one photo, you must purchase more that one ad for your senior.

Can I purchase more than one ad? Will all my ads be printed on the same page?
You may purchase up to six ads for your student. All ads are listed in alphabetical order, so although your ads will appear sequentially, we cannot guarantee they will appear on the same page.

Can I pay for multiple ads online with one transaction?
No. Unfortunately, our Paypal system accepts payment for only one ad at a time. You must pay and submit an order form for each ad individually. Later in the payment process, you will be asked to provide the PayPal receipt number/transaction ID for each ad, to verify your payment.

If I am submitting more than one ad, how do I distinguish which picture goes with which ad?
In the filename of the photo, in addition to the standard format of "GA_lastname, firstname", please add a number corresponding to the message (ex. GA_Vuthandam, Diya1). In terms of layout, we generally place the ads from parents first, followed by any additional ads from other family members.

What type/size photo image should I upload for my Grad Ad?
We accept only digital photos. Photos of at least 1MB (1000kb) in size with a resolution of 300dpi or higher is ideal. Lower quality photos may not print sufficiently in the yearbook.

The online payment option doesn't seem to be working. What should I do?
First, check that you've entered all details correctly in the Paypal system. There are different fields for Paypal members and nonmembers wishing to use credit cards. Also be sure that you are using a credit card that is accepted in the Paypal system. Last, try again with a different browser (Firefox and Google work well with the system). If it still doesn't work – or if you're frustrated at any point in the system – please send us an email at and we will send you an email with a direct link to process your payment. The Paypal online payment system provides better accountability for all (and alleviates the yearbook students from collecting money). It is also convenient for many parents, but we do realize it can be frustrating to others. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

May I submit an ad in another language?
Unfortunately the Islander yearbook only accepts messages in English. We understand it might be difficult to convey a heartfelt message in a language other than your mother tongue, but we only allow English messages for editing purposes, and to ensure the yearbook is as consistent as possible.