Deadline for Senior Bio Submission: NOVEMBER 23, 2016
Note that this is an earlier deadline than the one for Senior Portraits, which is January 19, 2016. This gives our staff time to collect and edit 1000s of words. 
     The Senior Bios section of the yearbook offers graduating students an opportunity to have personal information about their time at SAS printed in the Islander. This includes hometown, years at SAS, HS activities, a quote, and a "Senior Send-off" message.

     These words will be captured forever in the yearbook, so be sure to proofread and consider content carefully. The message should be readable by your families and the wider SAS audience - any personal/secret messages are best left to handwritten notes in friends' yearbooks. The Islander reserves final editing rights– if we deem anything inappropriate, it will not be printed in the book. 
  • You must be logged into your SAS Google Apps account to view/submit the form
  • Maximum word count: 90 words
  • Use complete sentences. No abbreviations or text-speak
  • Messages must be in English
  • The Islander reserves final editing rights. Anything deemed inappropriate or questionable will be deleted
  • We highly recommend that you first type up your senior bio in a word processing application (Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc) to do a spellcheck and word count. Then copy the text onto this form. The online form does not note character count, so please be sure to check it yourself before submitting. Bios that exceed the count may have to be edited to fit the space.
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and the timely submission of your Senior Bio.