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Senior Bios

The senior bios section of the yearbook offers graduating students the chance to input personal information about their time here at SAS including their hometown, birthday, activities participated in while at SAS, the interim trips they attended, and a screen-name in order to keep in touch after graduation. 

The format of the bios is changing this year. We are moving away from individualized memories - which only apply to  handful of students - to a "Senior Send-off" message. This is designed to be a way for seniors to say goodbye to their time here at SAS; their last words so-to-speak. To learn more about why these changes are being made please click here

The yearbook staff is still allowing seniors a chance to write a message which will be printed in the yearbook. However, as specific individual personal memories do not apply to more than 90% of the yearbook's audience and can be handwritten in each other's yearbooks without being subject to staff editing, we feel this new format still offers seniors a chance to have their voice heard one last time as SAS students.


The following form is required in order to submit your information to the Islander staff. The deadline for submission is:
February 27, 2011
All entries MUST be submitted by this deadline to be included in the yearbook.

Terms & Conditions
  • Your "Senior Send-off" message has a strict limit of 315 CHARACTERS- NOT WORDS. Any message longer than this will be cut-off in the book. 
  • Your message will be printed in over 1500 books so make sure it is CLEAN and appropriate. 
  • The message must be written in complete sentences utilizing correct grammar and without the use of abbreviations or "SMS/IM speak." 
  • All character counts INCLUDE spaces. Proper spacing is required.
  • All messages must be in English.
  • The ONLY names allowed are ones of your direct family - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The Islander Staff reserves the right to final editing privileges. Anything that is deemed inappropriate or questionable WILL BE DELETED.
  • Changes to your information will NOT be accepted, so be 100% sure all information is correct BEFORE submitting.
  • All information MUST be submitted by February 27, 2011.

We HIGHLY recommend you type up your responses in a word processing application (ie. Microsoft Word, Pages, etc.) and copy them onto this form in order to ensure everything is spelled correctly and is within the correct character count.

The online form DOES NOT limit your character count, so be sure to check it yourself before submitting. Your responses WILL be cut off if they exceed their respective limits.

If you agree with these terms, please continue to the form.