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Senior Bio Examples

Experiencing some writer's block as you sit down to write your senior bio? Can't seem to get the word count down to 80 words? Not to fear, we have included a couple of short and sweet bios below that get the message across in 80 words or less!

Example 1:

"Thank you, parents, for your endless love and support. Thank you, big sis, for always cheering me up. Thank you to anyone who's let me bake in their kitchen, and I'm sorry for the mess. Thank you, Dwight, for giving me drive; Jim & Pam for giving me faith in love. Thank you, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, for giving me something to procrastinate with. Finally, thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for giving me a format to write this in."

Example 2:
"I'd like to thank Beyoncé and Taylor Swift for understanding me the most."

Example 3:
"Firstly, I was never invited to a dance party in the cafeteria, so High School Musical lied. Secondly, Mom, Dad, I could never have done this without you. I’ll miss you more than anything when I'm gone. However, I’ll never say that out loud, I gotta keep my angsty teenage aesthetic. To my friends: You know who you are. You know what you did. You know that I’m coming for you. Finally: Singapore, we will meet again."

Example 4:

"Daddy, thank you for the love, support, and Apple TV. Love you and hope to see you fulfil your dreams of becoming a pro-surfer in Costa Rica. Mommy! I will miss your vietnamese kisses and cuisine. Tell the Vietnamese monks I say hi. To my sisters: thank for teasing yet defending me my whole life, and sharing your music and wisdom. My friends: thanks for tolerating my extraneous hugs and affection. I’m excited to see what becomes of us."

Example 5:

"Teachers: thank you for challenging me, but helping me when I needed it. Khan Academy, Crash Course and Patrickjmt: thanks for answering all my questions. Friends in the US, Jakarta, Singapore and beyond: thanks for all the good times. My siblings: keep working hard in everything you do. It pays off in the end. Mom & Dad: thank you for believing in me even when I didn't. Your endless confidence and support has been my driving factor these past 18 years."