Deadline for Portrait Submission: JANUARY 17, 2017

Portrait Guidelines

  • Dimensions: Width: 55 mm; Height: 103 mm - While you do not have to adhere exactly to these dimensions, we request that your photo remains around these measurements so we can crop it without any issues
  • Digital photos only. If your original is a hard-copy print, please scan your image in high resolution (at least 1MB, 300 dpi) before submission.
  • Portraits can be studio or casual 
  • Portraits will be laid out in portrait (vertical) format. Portraits submitted in landscape (horizontal) format will be cropped accordingly.
  • Portraits must be in color (no black and white)
  • Selfies are not allowed
  • Portraits cannot contain any props/animals/other people

Senior Portrait Submission
  1. Save the image on your computer as: SP_last name,first name (SP_Vuthandam, Diya)
  2. Submit the photo via the Islander “Drop it to me” site at the following link using the password yearbook
  3. After successfully entering the password, you will be directed to the upload your photo to the page. Click on "Choose File" and select the photo from your computer. 
  4. Click the upload button and your senior portrait will be submitted!
We will contact you again if there is a question regarding your photo (or if we have not received your portrait by the due date). If you are graduating early, please submit your senior portrait by the same deadline as senior bios (November 23). 

If you have any further questions regarding your portrait submission, please feel free to contact the Islander Editors via the link below. Thank you!

Diya Vuthandam, Hayden Reeves, Sasha Wodtke Co-Editors in Chief

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